Yorkshire puds

To be completely honest with you I`m making Yorkshire puds for the fourth or fifth time in my life.

First time was when I was a teenager , I can remember that event darn well, because my puds were rejected really fast.

My family was pretty conservative when it came to bread, but in their defense fifteen years ago there was not much of a choice in bread.

White bread or rye bread, this was basically it.


You can imagine the look on my father`s face when I told him that Yorkshire pudding was also a kind of bread. Do not think that he was narrow minded, poor guy was like a lab monkey around me, now he has a substitute and he is exactly as helpless as my father was.


So Yorkshire pudding.

It is usually a company to a great roast and funny enough, it is one of the most simplest breads on the planet.

If you want to pimp your dinner and surprise the table with some freshly baked bread this is the right one.



You will need:


2 large eggs

300 ml. milk

200 gr. flour

3 tbsp. olive oil

pinch of salt , pepper and some herbs





Take a big bowl and put all of the above in it. Whisk it well together with a wired whisk until it looks like a thick pancake batter.



Spray with non stick spray or butter a 12 hole muffin tin.


Divide the batter between the holes  and toss in a preheated oven 170 C.  for about 30 minutes.



And done.



I put wild marjoram in mine but you can do every herb you like or even leave them plain. They are gorgeous as they are.


And may be if you have them with roast you should leave the potatoes out as a side dish, too much carbs are not good for you and amongst other things you are not going to have  room for dessert.



I hope I have convinced you in the power of these golden crispy puds.



Until later.


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